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   1.    Homecast em1150: 

This is a well established and reliable Digital Set Top Box

2.    Humax - F2 1010T: 

A set top box with proven technology 

 3.    NextWave - TDR 3100

Despite its size, NextWave provides a wealth of connection options for audio and video signals.

4.   NextWave - TDR 3200

This unit is an all-purpose has all the connectivity for a reliable  standard definition digital set top box.


 5.   Opentel -  Odt3000ftt

OPENTEL is a High Quality Standard Definition digital terrestrial receiver.


6.   Ikusi TRI 702

The processor in this unit, gives quick response times to channel browsing and menu selections. Manual channel scanning takes only a few seconds to locate and store all channels.

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